Iceland aimed to investigate the turning point of the 2008 crisis for the democratic regeneration of a small state such as Iceland. Significantly, small scale also provides us with a privileged angle for a city-regional analysis from the Social Innovation perspective.

The final outcome of this case is published in the Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research as follows:

Calzada, I. et al. (2015), Demos-Ethos: A Framework to Study the Icelandic and Basque Cases through Critical Social Innovation and Applied Ethics. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research. DOI: 10.1080/13511610.2015.1089472.

Read paper «#Basque & #Iceland #Connection by Igor Calzada  presented at the University of Iceland. Reykjavik on 27th September 2013. Click here to download it.

Similarly, Open Democracy published in January 2015 the article entitled: ‘Connecting the Basque and Icelandic cases: an ethnographic chronicle about democratic regeneration’

Read about Fieldwork Research of Iceland  Case-Study undertaken by Igor Calzada

Iceland Case Study - Map