Basque aims to research the territorially divided strategies from the Social Innovation perspective, within the three main administrative entities such as, Basque Autonomy, Navarra and three French provinces.

Calzada, I. & Bildarratz, J. (Eds.)(2015), Political Innovation: Constitutional Change, Self-Government, The Right To Decide & Independence, TransLoKal – Academic Entrepreneurship for Policy Making – Publishing, Donostia. ISBN (paperback): 978-84-942752-4-1.

Read the paper «BALANCE & IMBALANCE TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES OF THE BASQUE CITY-REGION / EUSKAL HIRIA: Contribution from the Governance & Critical Social Innovation (CSI) perspective» by Igor Calzada and presented in the Klimagune Workshop 2013, Forum organized by BC3 (Basque Centre for Climate Change) & EHU/UPV (University of Basque Country). Bilbao on 19th December r 2013. Click here to download it.

Read about Fieldwork Research of Basque Case-Study undertaken by Igor Calzada.

Basque Case Study - Map